Use Party Tents To Host A Party For Your Employees

Posted on: 16 May 2016

If you are planning on having a big party for your employees and their families, you want to make sure that there is plenty of space. T make sure that you have enough space, you may want to have your party outside, especially if the weather is nice. Not only does that open up a lot of space for you, but it also opens up new party ideas, like having a huge cookout. But, how can you make sure that there is shade and protection from the sun and any rain that might pop up? One way to do that is to rent a party tent. However, there are all kinds of options, so what is the right choice for you?

Canopy/Pop-up Tent

These tents tend to be fairly small. They usually have 4 poles to be anchored into the ground with some canvas or other tent material to be anchored to the top. Some of these canopies will also have a frame that is attached to the top of the poles to help support the tent material. They are generally small enough that you can put them up yourself. While they aren't really big enough for your big party, they are good to put over the area you will be cooking, an information center, or a food area. The canopy may also come with netting that goes down the sides to help keep bugs out if it's for a food area. 

Pipe Frame Supported Tent

These are generally a medium sized tent. These tents leave a large empty space under the canvas. That's because all the support comes from the pipes on the side that are supported by the ground. The pipes all create a rigid framework that holds the tent up and holds the canvas up. The framework generally doesn't need to have additional anchoring, since the pipes framework does all the heavy lifting here, but some areas to require that there be additional support in the shape of cables that are secured from the tent to the ground and that are under tension. The tension works to help to keep the tent anchored and standing. You can set up tables and chairs in these tents so that people can sit and eat and visit. You could also set up multiple tents and have play areas or activities under other tents. 

Having a party for all your employees and their families is a good way to bond and bring everyone together. Rental tents can make it easier for you to have the space you need. For more information, contact companies like Golden Rentals.