A Few Tips For Caring For Your Lawn Mower

Posted on: 3 June 2016

A lawn mower can be an expensive device to purchase, but it may be essential for keeping your yard looking great. Sadly, there are many homeowners that can easily overlook some of the types of maintenance that these devices will require. To help you avoid inadvertently damaging your lawn mower, you should make sure to use the following few care and maintenance tips.

Check The Fluids Before Each Use

In order to function, a lawn mower may have a powerful motor that turns the blades that cut the grass. These motors can generate intense amounts of friction and heat as a result of being used. Sadly, there are some people that may make the error of failing to check the oil and hydraulic fluid of the mower. Failing to perform this step can cause the system to suffer catastrophic damages, which may require the mower to be replaced. The exact steps for checking the fluids and the optimal levels will depend on the make and model of the mower, but you will be able to locate this critical information in the owner's manual.

Clean And Lubricate The Pivots

For those that own zero turn mowers, it is critical to properly care for the pivots. These pivots allow the wheels to turn, but they can become dirty over the course of use. As a result, you will want to make sure that you are thoroughly cleaning and checking the lubrication of the pivots after each use. Failure to perform these steps can allow these pivots to become impacted with grass and dirt, which can severely limit your zero turn mower performance.

Keep The Mower Properly Stored

There are many people that may assume that it is perfectly acceptable to store a mower in an outdoor shed. While this may seem like it would make sense, this can expose the mower to the potential of suffering moisture damage if the shed is not effectively waterproofed. In addition to reducing the aesthetics of the mower, this corrosion can also make the moving parts more brittle, which can lead to a major malfunction. Avoiding this problem will require you to always store the mower in a dry area that does not receive intense sunlight. By keeping the lawn mower in a garage, you can help reduce these issues because the pavement will help to prevent the mower from being exposed to moisture seeping through the ground. You can further reduce the risks of these damages arising by keeping a dehumidifier or silica gel in the vicinity of the mower to remove moisture from the air before it can form as condensation on the mower's exterior.

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