5 Sneaky Reasons Your Grass Is Not Growing In Spots

Posted on: 14 February 2017

Got a spotty lawn? If so, it can make it really hard to compete with the pristine green of the neighbor's property. Even though at first sight spots of dead grass in your yard may look like they probably have a simple solution, dead spots in your grass can be much more complicated than just lacking water or too much sun. In fact, there are a whole list of reasons why your grass is only growing good in some spots and not others. Take a look at these sneaky reasons why your lawn may have a bad case of brown patches.

There are obstructions lurking beneath the ground surface. 

If your property is especially rocky or filled with tree roots, it can definitely get in the way of growing a uniformly green patch of grass. If grass does not have sufficient depth to sprout its roots, it never matures to a healthy and green state. If there is one area of grass that is giving you problems, use a shovel to dig down into the ground just a bit to see if there could be obstructions like rocks or tree roots getting in the way. 

There has been a chemical spill in the area. 

Chemical spills sound like a big and scary thing that would only happen at a manufacturing factory, but chemical spills happen on residential properties all the time, and you could have even been the one to cause it. Spilling certain chemicals or products on the ground, such as paint, engine oil, or household cleaners, can change the pH levels in the soil. This change in toxicity and pH levels can have a major affect on growing grass for the long term. Do a pH test on the ground to determine if the levels are to high and then invest in fertilizers and nutrients to help balance out levels where you need to. 

There is something leaching all of the moisture in certain areas. 

Grass loves moisture and will absorb almost as much water as you or nature are willing to provide. Even though grass is fairly resilient when moisture levels are low, this only goes so far and eventually, if the grass is not getting adequate water, it will start to show. One of the biggest reasons only certain areas of your lawn would not be getting enough water is if you have other water-hearty plants nearby. Some plants are all-out water-hording life forms that will leach water into its own root systems before the grass ever gets a chance.