Winter Selling Woes? How Landscape Lighting Can Help

Posted on: 28 January 2020

A pleasing appearance is one of the most important points involved in selling a home. In order for homeowners to encourage buyer activity, they must first entice them with the attractiveness of the exterior of the home and the grounds that surround it. In winter, however, the early arrival of dusk can prevent buyers from seeing your home's true beauty. 

Luckily, you may be able to circumvent the negative effects of winter's short days with the help of well-placed landscape lighting. If your home must be shown to buyers on cold winter evenings, here are three ways in which you can use landscape lighting to assist you in calling attention to your home and getting it sold. 

Improve the level of safety for viewing buyers and agents

In order for buyers and agents to really focus on the benefits of your home, they must first feel safe and comfortable as they move about, especially when winter weather can make sidewalks, driveways, and outdoor living areas slippery. By adding strategically placed landscape lighting to these areas, homeowners are helping buyers and agents to feel more comfortable and encouraging them to take their time viewing the home. 

Highlight selling points and structural features of the home

In the dead of winter, when there are no beds full of greenery and flowers to draw attention to, homeowners can, instead, direct landscape lighting to highlight the most attractive structural features and selling points of their home. In addition to appealing to visiting buyers and their agents, well-placed landscape lighting that is carefully situated where it will best highlight important structural features of the home will also attract favorable attention from passing motorists, neighbors, and delivery people who travel through the area. 

Call attention to signage 

In winter, especially when there are several inches of snow on the ground, the average real estate sign can seem to blend into the background and become very difficult to read. By clearing snow away from the perimeter of the sign and highlighting it with a well-placed landscape light, homeowners can help to increase the visibility of the signage and serve to attract more attention from any potential buyers who may pass by. 

To utilize these tips, homeowners will want to choose landscape lighting that works well in their climate zones. To learn more about landscape lighting and get more tips for installing them, take time to discuss your intended uses with a reputable garden equipment and supply center in your area.