3 Things To Do With Gravel In The Garden

Posted on: 2 June 2021

Creating a beautiful garden takes time and planning. It also requires the right supplies. In addition to buying potting soil and seeds, you may also need material for ground cover and other landscaping needs. Gravel is a versatile substance that can be used in many ways in your garden. Here are three things you can do with gravel in your garden:

1. Create a drought-resistant garden.

Gravel can help you create a drought-resistant garden. This is especially important for people who live in areas that receive a low amount of annual rainfall. Drought-resistant gardens can help you save money on your water bill. They can also help you conserve water for the good of the environment.

You can use gravel to replace plants that consume a lot of water, like the grass typically used for lawns. Gravel can help you create an elegant yard, serving as a border around the plants you intend to cultivate. Planting succulents and other plants that don't require a lot of water and using gravel in your yard are two things you can do to curb your water usage.

2. Prevent weeds from growing in your garden.

Weeds are the bane of every gardener. These unwanted pests can make your garden look cluttered and even take vital nutrients away from your other plants. Pulling weeds out by hand is a time-consuming process. Fortunately, you can stop weeds from sprouting in the first place. You can spread gravel on the bare soil in your yard to allow the gravel to act as ground cover. Gravel will prevent weeds from growing, which will allow you to enjoy a pristine garden without the need for herbicides.

3. Create beautiful patterns.

Gravel can be used to create beautiful patterns within your landscape. The color of gravel varies based on its mineral composition. You can buy light or dark-colored gravel. Purchasing a mixture of different types of gravel will give you the opportunity to create a rock garden featuring pleasing patterns. A landscaper can help you create an aesthetically balanced rock garden using the gravel you buy.

Gravel delivery services make it easy to have gravel placed right where you want it. Whether you plan to create a rock garden or simply weed-proof your garden, the right kind of gravel can help. You can contact a gravel supplier to place an order for the number of rocks that you require.