• Use Party Tents To Host A Party For Your Employees

    If you are planning on having a big party for your employees and their families, you want to make sure that there is plenty of space. T make sure that you have enough space, you may want to have your party outside, especially if the weather is nice. Not only does that open up a lot of space for you, but it also opens up new party ideas, like having a huge cookout.
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  • Eight Common Tree-Planting Mistakes To Avoid

    There are few better ways to improve a landscape than by installing new trees. Trees help to reduce energy costs, slow the rate of erosion and provide food for wildlife. However, improper planting procedures can doom your trees at the outset. Eventually, such trees will die and require removal so that you can begin the process anew. You can sidestep most of these problems and enjoy thriving, beautiful trees by avoiding these common mistakes.
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  • Add Curb Appeal To Your Outdoor Space With Ornamental Grass

    If you have a few areas in your yard where you need to enhance the look or cover up a few blemishes, ornamental grass may be an option for you. Ornamental grass is a perennial in most zones and is available in countless varieties. Each variety creates its own look to help draw the eye in and add curb appeal to almost any outdoor area. This year when buying plants and perennials, consider planting ornamental grass.
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